When stopping the car on the course


When stopping the car on the course
When driving on a circuit, if driver decide that it cannot return to the pit due to damage of the contacts to the other car or mechanical troubles, driver may have to stop the car unavoidably.

In this way, It explains the regulations that must be followed when the car must be stopped unavoidably.



Stop the car in a safe place

In order to stop the car troubled, the driver must promptly stop the car in a safe place, such as on the grass outside of the track or near the guardrail opening.

It is described “” in the International Sporting Code Appendix L. Stopping a car on the track cases a great danger to cars coming later. Therefore, in case the car has trouble, the driver must endeavor to stop the car in a safe place, such as off course as far as possible.



3. Cars stopping during a race

a) The driver of any car leaving the track because of being unable to maintain racing speed should signal the intention to do so in good time and is responsible for ensuring that the manoeuvre is carried out safely and as near as possible to a point of exit.

b) Should a car stop outside the pit lane, it must be moved as soon as possible so that its presence does not constitute a danger or hinder other drivers.

If the driver is unable to move the car, it shall be the duty of the marshals to assist. If such assistance results in the driver rejoining the race, this must be done without committing any breach of the regulations and without gaining any advantage.


The driver evacuates to the outside of the guardrail

After stopping the car in a safe place, such as off course, the driver must get out of the car and evacuates to the outside of the guardrail.

When leaving the car, the driver must put the gear in neutral to make it easier for course marshal to remove the car. Also, the driver must wear a helmet until he evacuates to the outside of the guardrail.



When returning to the pit by yourself

Driver may be able to continue driving even if car has a trouble. In such a case, it is possible to return to the pit. However, driver need to make sure that it is not in a situation that could endanger other cars, such as oil leaks from the car.

When car has troubles, it may be difficult to drive at racing speed. In this case, driver need to drive safely and return to the pits so that it doesn’t interfere with the other cars.

Depending on the circuit, when driving at low speed, driver may be instructed how to drive. In this case, it is usually a good etiquette to drive at the edge of the side on the track where the pit lane entrance is located.

After the pit in, it is allowed to repair the cause of the trouble in the pit and rejoin the course.



Do not drive forcibly

When car has a trouble, liquids such as engine oil, mission oil, brake fluid, gasoline, and coolant may leak from the car.

Especially if engine oil leaks onto the track, it can cause serious accidents for later cars. It’s very dangerous.

In such cases, the driver must immediately stop the car in a safe place, such as off course, rather than trying to return to the pits.



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