Racing Flags

In motor sports, inform the driver by notifying the existence of dangers ahead and telling flags (flags) from the observation post at the side of the course to convey instructions from the race control.

The types of flags used in the circuit are various and various ways of use, and the operation rules are different in the four wheels (cars) and two wheels (motorcycles), so we can understand maniac operation rules not stated in the regulation I will explain it easily.


Flag used in four wheel racing

Flags presented from the observation post are basically vibration display (waving flag), but flags presented in combination with oil flag and number board are fixed display (static display).


Red Flag

Red flag means suspension of the session. When it is judged that it is difficult to continue traveling, such as a sudden weather change such as heavy rain, a big accident happens, it will be shaken by all the observation posts.


Yellow Flag

The yellow flag (Yellow Flag) is shaken by the post before the scene when danger exists on the course. In addition, the green flag is swung in the post ahead of the field, the section of the green flag from the yellow flag is taken as the yellow flag section, and overtaking is prohibited.


Oil Flag

The oil flag informs you that the road is slippery with oil on the course presented. It is also presented when rain begins and the road surface becomes slippery or when there are gravel or fallen objects on the course. Presentation will be done in fixed display.


Blue Flag

Blue Flag is shaken when a fast vehicle is approaching from behind. In the final it will be shaken for vehicles that are going to be late laps.


White Flag

The white flag informs you that there are vehicles traveling at low speed on the side where it was swayed. It is also shaken when a work vehicle that collects vehicles etc. is located beside the course.


Green Flag

Green flag means course clear. It is presented with a yellow flag and is presented at the front observation post, which was the set that caused the yellow flag.


Black and White Flag

The black and white flag will be fixedly displayed with the number board in the observation post near the control line to the driver who did the action contrary to the sportsmind spirit.


Orange Ball Flag

Orange ball flag is fixedly displayed together with the number board for vehicles with mechanical defects such as parts being broken or oil leaked. Orange ball flag, orange disk flag, etc. Basically it is presented at the observation post near the control line.


Black Flag

The black flag means disqualification and it is displayed immovably together with the number board in the observation post near the control line.


Checkered Flag

The checkered flag indicates the end of the session and is only given by the observation post near the control line.


National Flag

The start of the race usually tells the driver by a signal to turn on / off the signal, but you can also start the race by sign with the flag.


Safety Car (SC)

Safety cars are introduced when there is a dangerous condition on the course and there is no need to interrupt the race. Once the safety car is introduced, vibration of yellow flag and presentation of SC board will be done at all observation posts.